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TribeAZ is an anti-sex trafficking nonprofit dedicated to protecting children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our mission and priority is to ensure that the physical and emotional safety of our residents is met.

Trustworthiness will be evident in the consistency of boundaries and the clarity of what is expected in regards to tasks. The goal is focusing on individual’s strengths and empowering them to build on those strengths while developing stronger coping skills so that they have a healthy foundation to fall back on if and when they stop receiving services.


We believe long term change will only come through building awareness and education regarding the sex trafficking industry. TribeAZ strives to raise awareness through public and social forums and speaking engagements. This home provides a residence aimed at personal growth towards responsible behavior and returning home or emancipation. The components of the program are:

  • Participation in group activities
  • Incentives for positive behavior in house and school
  • Tutorial help in academic areas
  • Independent living skills
  • Horse Therapy
  • Local individual and family counseling and follow-up
  • Gardening

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Human trafficking is a version of slavery and a national epidemic, someone must provide the security, resources, and guidance the victims deserve and deliver knowledge and awareness to the community. We feel compelled to help children and provide early trauma intervention. We have personally overcome adversity, abuse, and setbacks. As mothers, we are motivated and passionate about social change for future generations. Now it is time to translate our knowledge and experience into something meaningful.

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